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'From the moment I started reading Seven Signs I couldn't put it down. For a first novel its truly amazing. Be ready to be taken along with the main character, Eve, on a roller coaster journey from city to outback Australia. Its a ride of personal growth, full of ups and downs embellished by sharp observations of people, places and times. While there are some slower patches to the story-line in the middle, the book quickly gathers pace.

Key elements of the plot are brought to a satisfying conclusion as Eve gathers strength to conquer the demons that have plagued her throughout her life.

This book carries an empowering message about bullying and abuse and I hope there is a sequel from this talented new storyteller.


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Bass Point Boys

A new release, Bass Point Boys is about a teenager, expelled from his childhood home. After  living in the local bush, he finds a sense of belonging with a group of youths from misfit backgrounds.

A story which relates to many youths in a modern society, the themes of disadvantage, bullying, drugs and homelessness surround the story before a surprising ending.

A must read for schools and parents looking to show there can be life after hardship.

Bullied as a child, when Eve Featherstone finds the perfect job, she is confronted by yet a narcissistic boss  who makes her life hell. 

Then the GFC hits and life takes a turn for the worse.

One friend supports her through some tough moments, finally finding peace where it is least expected.

A few twists and turns keep the reader wanting to turn the page as Eve tackles some unexpected moments.


Cate's poetry

Verse from the heart

Cate loves writing about her passions and most of her poetry is from the heart.

She says that if something she sees or hears touches her soul, then a poem is created from the universe and she pens it.

You can follow Cate for free on cathywagner@thepoetsplace on Facebook or purchase a book of her poems

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