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When life becomes too hard, the local kids know where to find a home.
In a world of misfits, the youths of Bass Point find family and a sense of belonging.

Roy has been kicked out and doesn't know where to go. At fourteen, he finds a group he fits in well with, until one day there is someone who helps him to find who he really is.

'A beautiful story of life after a difficult youth'

'A story of inspiration and courage.'

'You wont be able to put this book down'

A story with twists and turns at every corner, this page turning romance will have you wondering whether it should be in the mystery or personal empowerment book section as Eve finds herself after years of personal struggles, bullying and misfortune.

Come with her on this outback adventure as she learns that life truly is one of events which keep you wanting to read more.

" I hope their is a sequel from this talentëd new storyteller.

Cate- Yes there is! Watch out for it later in the year.


Cate writes poetry under her name of Cathy Wagner

This small book of poetry is available through Amazon

"Insightful, thoughtful and soul bearing"

A beautiful e-book of verse from Cate's early works

Cate believes the perfect world is imperfect and words should be as they are-without perfection.

Cate's inspiring poems are written from the heart. She has published three books but gives most of her poetry for free on her Facebook site 

Hook up and follow her poetry on  

Cate's poetry@thepoetsplace

50 years of

Created 2020 (c) C. Wagner Writer

Please contact the author via the site if you have any issues All Rights reserved 

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