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Bullied as a child, when Eve Featherstone finally grows up and finds the perfect job, she is confronted by yet another narcissist who makes her life hell. When the GFC hits, she is sacked and life takes a turn for the worse.

One friend supports her through some tough moments and after a life changing moment she finally finds peace where it is least expected.

A few twists and turns keep the reader wanting to turn the page as Eve tackles some unexpected moments.

A story with a message, Seven Signs tackles areas like the Me-Too movement, rape and bullying in the workplace, as well as the dark side of early Australian history

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Living in a rural area gave Cate her first material before moving to the coast. It was there she found peace and began writing more frequently.


Cate has always written stories and poems since childhood and this is her second collection of verse.


Based on her train journeys, adventures and moments of quiet thought, they may not be perfect, though Cate believes they should be left as they were first written as she feels it is how life is..without perfection.

Cathy writes her books under her author name Cate Beresford, though her poems are published under her married name, Cathy Wagner

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