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Cate Beresford

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Author & Engaging Speaker

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Cate Beresford is the author of fiction novels and poetry.

A published poet, Cate has been runner up in the South Coast Writer's Award, and runner up for a US International award where she was asked to read on the steps of the White House. She has published poems in several anthologies, including the Messages from the Embers anthology (written during the Australian Bushfire season of 2019).

Cate has several published articles in magazines, was a Finalist in Women in Business and has won first prize for her educational work with the Department of Fair Trading.

An educator, technical writer, project manager and Change lead, Cate had several executive and ordinary roles before finding her passion in writing poetry and novels. Her Young Adult books are based on her experience in dealing with the struggles some teenagers face in life. Cate has also been recognised for her roles in creating Women in Project Management, Breakthrough Awards which recognise young people and her local Business Network events.

Cate is a creative freelancer in her technical writing role, and publishes articles and blogs for several business websites, in addition to educational materials.


Cate also began her local writers group, in 2017 where she shares her love and passion of writing with other local like-minded authors. 

Her latest novel will be available late 2023.

About Cate
Romance in Nature


Seven Signs

Book 1 in the Series

- Life leads you to paths you never knew

A story of Romance & mystery in the outback 

This story will resonate with many women.


Touching on subjects like Australia's difficult history, mental illness and job loss, Cate has managed the issues many encounter through life in a subtle and sensitive manner, whilst also making this first novella a Romance. 

As the main character, Eve tackles life hurdles and finds her identity, she also finds love where it is least expected.

Reviews Seven Signs.jpg

Young Adult


(Previously Bass Point Boys)

A story of hope, where the only motivation to go on, is survival.

At fourteen years of age, Roy turns to addiction to cope with the constant mind churning and his controlling parent's attitude to his ADD. Cast out of the house, he finds refuge in the nearby Bass Point forest. 

Survival becomes the theme as Roy becomes the graffiti's artist for the local gang who now control his life, yet eventually love and the support of a youth worker mean his life is turned around, bringing an unusual but happy ending to this story.

A teacher herself in the past, Cate taught young adults and her own experience in dealing with teenagers with life's issues underpins this novel.  

A must read for parents and teachers, this book is also used in local High School English classes.  Ask Cate about how she can assist your English students with materials and an author talk. 

Hide and Seek

Coming in 2023

Sequel to Seven Signs

Book 2 in the Series


Whilst old lovers expose their secrets, new ones uncover truths - Out soon

Based in the wine region of Jasper's Brush on the South Coast, the characters of the Seven Signs Winery Estate returns with new surprises.

As old lovers return in unexpected ways, a new one appears-leaving readers wondering whether the marriage of the main character, Eve to her handsome  winemaker husband Vic, will survive.

Vat 29 at the Seven Signs Estate Winery isn't the only casualty in this story as this novel picks up where Seven Signs left its readers - wanting the trilogy.

Young Lovers
Coming in 2023

Cate will release another book she has been working on later in 2023.

Paul and his teacher had a special relationship. She protected him from life's difficulties and a family who cared little. When he was the recipient of an award at the end of school, a city journalist heard about their close bond and came to interview him .That's where past issues then became current ones.

As story of love, friendship and a special relationship between teacher and student. This book will show many sides to the issues faced in schools and outside when you become the victim.

At school
Wild Nature


Cate's poetry has won international and local awards and her poetry can be found in various anthologies.

Meditative Musings and Journeys are just a small collection of her poems which you can also find on her Facebook page @thepoetryplace where she reads some from her collection of verse.

Messages from the Embers is a collection of poetry written after the devastation of the Australian Bushfires.

Messages from the Embers.jpg
Soon to be released

Down in the bottom paddock of the Jasper Valley winery, lies a body. Hidden in the old vat that once held exquisite wine, the killer remains a mystery. Yet this isn’t the only dark secret this place reveals as Constable Patrick and an ex-journo try to discover what really happened.


At thirty eight, Eve thinks life’s hurdles are behind her. Marriage, a baby and a new job. Life is looking up until a murder occurs.

Mystery, murder and romance snake their way through this novel as much as the driveway of the Jasper Valley mansion it is based in.


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I’d like to acknowledge and pay my respects to the traditional custodians of the lands now called Australia, the elders both past, present and emerging. Most notably, to honour  the Dharawal people from Wollongong, where I live.

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