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Blood on the Vine

Cate's first crime novel will be out 2024.

The Ridge wine region is loosely based around the Jaspers Brush wineries where her inspiration came from after completing an inspection as a guest mystery buyer for the NSW Tourism awards at Silo's Estate.

Since then, owners Rajarshi and Sophie have been amazing in their support of Cate writing as they support her with research on local wines. (hehe)


Sequel to Seven Signs - Book two in the series

Finally the sequel to Cate's first book will be out late 2024.

Based on Seven Sign's characters Vic and Eve, this book takes the couple to new places as a new baby, a surprise and business partner creates havoc for the pair. Never to be undone, Eve takes the story to her usual heights as she ensures her family isn't pulled apart by the issues they encounter along the way, once again surprising the reader with a twist at the end.


Cate's first book will resonate with many who have tackled life's hurdles.

"From the moment I started reading Seven Signs I couldn't put it down. For a first novel its truly amazing. Be ready to be taken along with the main character, Eve, on a roller coaster journey from city to outback Australia. Its a ride of personal growth, full of ups and downs embellished by sharp observations of people, places and times'

"- truly an amazing story of a girl who faces fears and finds her true self again'

'Very well written, evoked all my mind reading it. Impressive first book by this Australian author.' 

Seven Signs.jpg

A story of hope, where the only motivation to go on, is survival.

Roy is a rewrite of Bass Point Boys. Based on the south coast, near Shellharbour, life becomes difficult when Roy finds he is struggling to survive

a life of ADHD and a difficult father who doesn't understand. Forced to live on the streets, Roy finds shelter in a nearby rainforest and life becomes a matter of survive or die until a chance meeting and intrinsic values turn his life around.

In a place where boys become men, this book will want readers wanting more.
This short fictional novel reveals the particular challenges facing youth and shows how love and beliefs can sometimes overcome difficulties. This is not just a book for adolescence, but a must read for parents and teachers.

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