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Write your first novel

I've been writing for a long time now. Poems, policies, learning materials, travel articles, research documents etc etc. It was only at the tender age of 62 that I ventured into writing my first novel (though I had played with short stories for some time since a child). In the same year (2019) i also published a Young Adult novel and have been working on two more since-though real work and my beautiful grandchildren plus lessons in music and art are taking me away from finishing them!

Why did I publish a novel? I think it was because I had been learning for a few years and finally decided i just needed to do it. Was it perfect? Absolutely not, and yet I needed to just get it done!

So with all of this learning, I decided to share my experience. I have now also written a short course called Write your First Novel. It's based on my tips and tricks and shortcuts. I don't have all the answers-and I am still learning myself. Yet I am happy to share this with anyone who feels the need.

It normally sells for $120. But I am giving it away to the first two people who message me and to twenty more for half price. So send me a quick note on my page or message me - and I'll hook you in.

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