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Why people relate to Eve

In writing Seven Signs, I found it easy to write some scenes, but difficult to create others. I wanted Eve to be the type of person that most women could relate to in some way. This has been done by giving her various dilemmas that many women might encounter in life.

Low self esteem-this is not unique to women, though it often comes about as young women try to find who they are and place so much value on their looks. Eve isn't glamorous, yet she marries a great looking husband. Eve feels she is not worthy of much-and yet she has so many qualities that people look for; empathy, support and sensitivity.

Lonely-though Eve has a great friend in Katherine she still feels quite alone through the book.

Me-Too - this movement has shown that there are more women who have been harassed in some way through their life. Eve finds this as well as a friend she meets and they discuss it in a matter of fact way as though it's a part of life.

Finding who she is- so many people find through a life experience, who they are and what they want in life. Eve is no different. She meditates, does online courses and understands who she is as a result.

Want to read more? Click here to read the beginning of Seven Signs.

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