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Why I write - stillness in the quiet

Some people ask me why I write. I have to answer, that its because it is calming. Writing words are inspiring to me, each word, each phrase, each sentence, is something that needs thought.

It's not about just putting words on paper, it's about sopping your mind from all the chatter that goes on in every day life and really concentrating on what each word is about. Is it the right word? Is it in the right place? Will it portray the meaning I am trying to convey when readers see it?

I can't write, unless my thoughts are quiet. When I am quiet, is when the most inspiration comes. The stillness allows my mind to concentrate on what I want to say, then it flows.

Words flow through at various times of the day and night. Sometimes I will be fast asleep and a poem comes into my dream. Unless I get up and write it down, it will keep me awake.

So why do I write? I feel it's a muse telling me I need to. Since writing poetry and now novels, it has helped me through so many obstacles. It has allowed me to feel I am growing, although I am old. It gives clarity to my every day and substance to my thoughts. It makes me who I am.

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