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The Long Road to Publish

For those of you who know me. I write novels in my spare time. My friends laugh when I tell them this because I have a rich life full or work I love and grandchildren.

Now, again those who know me, also know that over the years I have faced some hard challenges. A sacking during the GFC, a difficult business, difficulties in marriage (all sorted thank goodness) and my daughter contracting meningitis when she was only 7 months old would be on my tick list.

Yet I have come through these and gone on to face other challenges. I am facing one right now.

Being a Published Author

I have published three books - the first with Balboa , the second with another organisation I wont mention and the third on my own.

My first book, Seven Signs was well received, though I have struggled to get my next book known. Its something most authors struggled with. The second, Bass Point Boys, a young adult novel which was picked up by a local high school and is used for their English class. Gosh. I rewrote this as Roy (an improvement on the first).

I self published because I figured the process to ask a published needs money. Money for literary agents, money to promote yourself and grow your audience and money to market. Something I have little to spare. It also takes time. And so I have chosen to go the route of doing what I can when I can. It's been a long road.

The challenges faced during the writing process.

There's the initial draft-that's my easy bit. My head is full or stories I want to write about. I am passionate advocate for justice issues so there is always material. Then there's the editing process. The rewrites, the challenges of ensuring your book is good enough and the challenge of editing.

I'm a technical writer and have great software, yet the editing is the hardest. You miss so much of what you thought you had corrected and that leads me to my last book.

Well, the original name was The Project - yet when I went to look at it, someone had the name already. The name Blood on the Vine was suggested and i loved it. Forgot the due diligence bit didn't I (emoji of eye roll here). And so, I am at the stage where I am having to rethink of a name - oh and do ONE more edit.

Ah, the editing and rewrites

I would love an official editor. I have a wonderful friend who taught English who's been an amazing help. Though I am told to get anywhere I need an official one. And so I am delaying the publishing until I get one.

So, for all my posting and suggesting it would be out there before Christmas, in order for me to get it right, I am doing one more rewrite-that means delaying it until next year.

Ah well. The challenges we face only make us stronger - right?

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