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So you want to be a blogger?

So, you want to be a blogger but don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick 10 step process to get you started!

Questions like “How do people find the ideas? Where do their topics come from? Why can’t I think of anything? These plague most people in the beginning, but once you start, you won’t be able to stop!

So, let’s have a look at where ideas for my poems come from, because I believe they are a great source for writing anything!

My writing journey began twenty years ago when I first began writing – oh, well I mean writing in earnest! I guess I’ve enjoyed writing all my 60+ years but it was only when I began to slow down and look at what was around, that ideas for my poems began to sprout.

Step 1: Stop doing what you’re doing.

OK, I have your attention. You have stopped working or doing those chores sufficiently to now realise that you need to need to refocus your attention.

Step 2: Look at what's around you.

What can you see? People rushing, dogs chasing balls, kids playing. Have a look at one thing that captures your attention and focus on it. What has your attention? Let’s say it’s a man walking his dog. What do you notice about them? What ais he dressed in? what age is he? What does the dog look like? Do you notice anything about their looks?

Step 3:Use your senses

So, after paying attention to a scene, listen to what’s happening around the scene. Are there people yelling, crying, laughing, birds singing, cars screeching, kids fighting?

Then think about what you can smell. Yes, you can see that we are going through the senses aren’t we. What can you smell? Perfume? Food? Dog faeces? Is there anything strange or familiar about the scent?

Step 4: Words.

What words come into your head as you go through these first three steps? Write them down as you go through each one.

Step 5: Theme

So, now you have covered steps 1-4, can you see a theme emerging from these? Dogs/ people/kids/passion? Whatever you notice, this becomes the theme of your blog post.

Step 6: Research

Time to get onto the internet and do some of that googling that we all love so much. Have a look at what other people are talking about, based on your theme. Listen to podcasts or videos.

Step 7: Choose a point of view

Now you’ve done all that research, it’s time to pick your own point of view which is different, the same or whatever.

Step 8. Write

Time to get out the pen and paper. String those words together from steps 4, 5 &6 and get your own ideas down. It doesn’t matter if they’re not perfect, just write!

Step 9: Perfect

Re-read what you have written and make sure it sounds as good as you want it to. Read it aloud or into your phone and listen to what you said. Edit your work, make sure your speaking and grammar is perfect.

Step 10. Press Print. Time to blog!

If you want to find out more about Cate's poems, connect with her on Facebook cathywagner@thatpoetsplace or or twitter: cateberesfordwrites

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