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Jodie Lane - Author Interview

I recently asked a fellow author's group if anyone would like to be interviewed in my newsletter.

Just a few simple questions to be answered and I am happy to promote and support them as a fellow author.

I was overwhelmed with requests for interview. So I thought-why not just diarise and take the lot - so that's what I've done.

I thought it was pertinent for this newsletter as it's about Women Supporting Women. Too often women seem to feel the need to be competitive or put another down. I have personally been on the receiving end and been personally attacked in this way.

It is my belief that if we all support one another-it will be a better world. Rise up-but please do it in a supportive way for your fellow humans-man or woman.

About Jodie

Jodie Lane is an enthusiastic historian, combining her love of travel and adventure with fascinating stories from the past. Brisbane based, she studied a variety of modern history at the University of Queensland, and loves to read a wide range of historical and science fiction.

Her travels have taken her all over the world: she has lived and taught English in China and Romania, backpacked through Europe and South America, and holidayed in the Middle East, Central America, South East Asia, New Zealand and South Africa. She speaks basic Spanish as a second language.

The Siege of Masada is the first novel in the “Turning Points” series—a time travel adventures series visiting pivotal historical events and exploring an exciting new future for humanity. Transylvanian Knight, To Kill An Emperor, Renaissance Woman and Heart and Stomach of a Queen completing the series.

There are various Turning Points short stories including “Siege of the Heart“, “A Soldier’s Love” and “A Soldier’s Honour” also available online and in The Dark Office anthology.

“The Job” and “Naughty Zombies” are additional works, found in the Australian Pen anthology Obliquity: Stories of a Tilted Perspective, with “The Time-Traveller’s Date” (A Turning Points Short Story) in Australian Pen 2: Futurevision, and “The Voice” in Australian Pen 3: The Evil Inside Us.

Read Jodie's answers to my questions here

Q1. Tell us a little about how you started writing.

I was embarrassed into it! I used to talk about how great it would be to be an author and my colleague asked if was going to ever write a book. So I realised I had to actually start. Took a year for the first draft, but finishing that manuscript for the first time was an incredible feeling.

Q2. Are you traditionally published or an Indie author and why did you choose this way to publish?

Independent. I got tired of waiting to hear back from publishers and figured I might as well publish it or I would never get anywhere. I learnt so much and published my full 5 book series independently, though I would still consider traditional publishing if I felt it was a good opportunity.

Q3. What genre do you write and why did you choose this?

My series is time-travel adventure: historical fiction mashed with sci-fi and with a queer bent. I also write quirky short stories when the mood strikes me, often about people I know but with the ridiculous level amped up. I've got some YA fantasy and Choose Your Own Adventure erotica in

the works.

Q4. Do you belong to a writers group-and if so, why?

I currently belong to the Brisbane Book Authors, though I've been in a couple of different writers' groups in the past. It's so great to spend time with other writers, other creatives. You learn, you teach, you get inspired and encourage - it's wonderful to share ideas with extremely skilled and talented people.

Q5.What are you currently working on and when do you intend it to be published?

Queer YA fantasy - princesses that train to hunt dragons. I hope to publish next year, though that will depend on whether I go independent again or if a traditional publisher is interested.

You can purchase Jodie's books here

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