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It's a changing world-or is it?

As I write this, I had just finished walking along the foreshore of where I live. A man approached me as I was writing another poem and asked if I could call the police as he had seen a group of youths vandalising the local council park nearby. I hadn't witnessed this, so I allowed him to use my phone. He seemed scared to even walk back to his car. I wanted to continue with my walk and, seeing several people around, wandered past the small group, (about five of them), who were by then just hanging on the swings chatting. They seemed harmless and no one really took any notice.

I wondered then, whether these young people had really done any damage or whether the fellow was scared off by their apparent appearance (they wore black hoodies). I couldn't see any damage to the park either (though there may have been on closer inspection) which begged me to wonder who were the victims. Someone commented they were "smashing" the park, yet again was it just they were making loud noises on the equipment? I'm not sure so I cant really comment.

I remembered my own grandfather's comment. "I don't like the way the world is going" when he referred to a group of young people walking by. As I age myself, I find myself thinking the worst, yet wondering why. Am I influenced by my generation? Are these street youths any different these days to days gone by? Why has not been more to support young people during times of change and during the holidays. After all, it is approaching our Christmas season and schools (or at least the students) are are clocking off earlier than they ever did.

As a previous educator and parent of two (now adult) children, I believe that it begins at home. Yet homes are becoming places of boredom and loneliness as parents work and depression sets in. Therefore shouldn't we be supporting young people to become better citizens? What are governments doing to help these young people to find purpose in their lives?

I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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