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If I can do it - you can too!

I lost my job in the 2008 GFC and like

many, it was an enormous blow to both my ego and income. At the time my children were in High School and we relied on my income to support their schooling.

The timing was terrible. I had held a high profile role as an executive and yet I was lured by

the promise of better things-not financially, but a work-life balance. That's where it went wrong.

The GFC hit and as so many of us did at that time, I lost my job.

At the time I tried applying for other senior roles and after several interviews (one where my interviewer suggested I sounded 'younger' on the phone, I realise I was too old. At the age of fifty four-I was past my prime for roles and companies wanted younger, cheaper executive to take their companies into the future.

I was devastated. I felt humiliated and it was the basis for me writing my first book. And yet, one recruitment company woman suggested I reinvent myself.

"Pick what you want to

do, what you are good at and create your own business,' she suggested. I decided to add to that "and you can do anywhere you want!

I had always wanted to be a writer-though I didn't think it would pay my executive wage-and yet, there was something enticing about the freedom of working wherever I was with just a laptop.

In many of my senior roles, I had to rewrite technical documents and often paid top money to other companies to do them when I couldn't-so I decided that was where I would start. In the meantime I went to my local Business Enterprise Centre and asked the CEO how they could help me. In no time, I was working for them part time also to support other small business people learn how to navigate their way through legislative practice

to become a business owner.

I was lucky too that in one of my roles, I had contracted to a company and worked with a Plain Language lawyer. Together we worked on building style guides for the organisation and simplifying language. With a background also in teaching, I sort of fell into the space of understanding and working on compliance too. I understood th

e language and as a freelancer could write training materials or work with organisations on improving policies and compliance documents.

It was only in 2017 that I decided to write my first book. I thought it would probably be one on Project Management. I had held a senior role in the Institute of Project Management and realised many didn't really understand the languag

e. However after a chat with a good friend, my book became about my journey of being sacked - It became Eve's journey in Seven Signs. Whilst the remainder of the story is fiction, I found this resonated with many who had embarked on their own journey. It is also the basis of why i wrote Women Supporting Women.

I believe that if I can restart - anyone can. It's not about knowing it all - you just need to understand a few basics. I have even written a course about it that I give away so if you're interested, contact me at and I will send you access for a short period. Or you can search for it on teachable at

If I can do it - you can too!

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