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Finding the Right Time

Many authors and poets will tell you they need to be in the "right headspace" to be able to be creative and write well. I have always found this to be very true for me.

I am at my most creative when I am away from my home. I have worked from home since 2008 off and on as many know, so my desk is always set up ready for me to do my 'paid work" of writing technical documents. Whilst I love my work and it helps pay the bills, my best 'creative' work is away from this environment.

Some people will laugh at me when I say that I can't write unless my house is clean. Again, like many creatives, I am messy (though hate admitting this) , yet in order to work, I need to clean and ensure the house is clean too. Thus, the waste of time in the morning to do this before I sit down to my paid work.

This then, leaves little time for creative writing. Again, many of my friends and readers know that I have been working on the last two books for three years now. I thought I was ready for publishing before Christmas, however that didn't happen and so-at present, they are being rewritten when "my head is in the right space.'

And that comes to where I am at today. My husband and I go to music festivals and volunteer our time there to set up, clean, help guide and pack down. It's something we both love doing. We have set aside a few days to also be in beautiful Bermagui on the South Coast of NSW before going to Cobargo next weekend for its festival. Therefore-my head is in the right place to write.

Since I've taken time out, I have written a few poems and reworked my latest novel. It gives me a sense of achievement, though I know I am slow at it. Yet, I love to write. So this begs the biggest question of all. Do I just go away on holidays on a permanent basis? Hmm. Let me think about that!

In the meantime, I have added my latest poem and the first few rewritten chapters to my latest book in my newsletter and the artwork below is one I have created on vacation too. (Another thing I love to do when I have the time).

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