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Editing - Why getting it right takes time

Whilst I'm enthusiastic about doing a first edit once I've completed my books, I tend to find that i do just one more - and that brings me undone.

Pamela Cook is a great author of women's books and I attended a couple of her courses before asking if she could give me some help to get started a few years ago. I also attended her group sessions where she mentors authors each month and tried to take all this knowledge and add it to my own writing.

One piece of advice she gave was 'Never publish your book until you think it's perfect.' I get what she meant. In my own technical writing work, I don't like handing over my projects until I have gone through each detail one last time to make sure I have corrected all those tiny errors that can occur. It's the same with book writing - and so I have done one more edit.

I like to edit my books printed rather than on my computer-even though I do this too. I find that by having a printed version in front of me I can read it aloud. Wow that really shows me how it sounds and where it needs changing.

Blood on the Vine should have been published early this year. I wanted it done by December 1st. I'm still almost on track- I think - unless I do one more edit.

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