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Bullying, the Me-Too movement & why I wrote Seven Signs

Bullying has been on the increase for several decades. As has harassment or rap of innocent victims. Thus the need for movements such as Me-Too and programs in schools where bullying is tackled head on. The Corporate world is slowing also coming to realise that it needs to be addressed as it has crept into workplace absences.

Instead of being confined to silly children who want to feel better at school, social media has now made it almost OK to stalk someone and write ignorant and defamatory comments about them.

In a world where we need to be kinder, we need to look at some statistics of bullying in both the workplace and in schools.

In Seven Signs, the book tackles the issue of bullying and how it has made Eve feel about herself. It portrays Eve as someone who has found it difficult to cope with life, let alone a career path and it is only through travel that she finally allows herself to be forgiven and to start a new life.


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