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Balancing Writing

I have often written about the difficulties of balancing what I want to write, with life's activities. Dont get me wrong, it's not that I am so busy that I can't write, it's more about procrastinating on what I want to do with my paid work as a technical writer, researcher as well as seeing my family.

Being an author is about having a clear head to write too. Your brain can't be muddled with activities, whilst trying to create your book and whilst taking regular breaks helps, sometimes those breaks also interfere with the whole concept. Crazy I know.

For me? I needed a break from the book I've been working on. It started out as a sequel to my first book Seven Signs - a romance novel. Yet somehow it's turned into a crime investigation. And whilst I have had the story written and thought completed last year, it has been torn apart after completing a Crime Writer's course with L.A Larkin through the Australian Writer's Centre recently.

Wow what a great course. L.A Larkin manages to write and teach creative crime fiction and help wanna-be writers to sort their way through the muddiness of what it takes to write a novel.

So, whilst Blood on the Vine may still be a while away - oh and now divided into two books, at least I am hoping that it will be a better version of the original.

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