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Author Interview-Tania Gold

This month's newsletter is focused on the introverted writer and in my newsletter each month, I decided to interview other self published authors.

As an Indie Author, it can be much harder to get readers and be known and my reason for the interview is to not only support other Indie's but to also get to know other authors.

This month's author is Tania Gold. Author of Keys to My Heart, and Prophecy of a Vampire (traditionally published) Tania writers predominantly contemporary and paranormal Romance.

The following are the answers to her questions.

Q1. Tell us a little about how you started writing.

I started writing when I entered children's short story competitions. I was published in anthologies and then moved onto poetry as I became older, settling into full-length novels when I was on maternity leave a few years ago.

Q2. Are you traditionally published or an Indie author and why did you choose this way to publish?

I am both. My first book, Keys to My Heart was self-published. In retrospect, I believe the honest reason I went with self-publishing was due to it being a quicker process as I simply wanted my story to be available for readers to enjoy. My second book, Prophecy of a Vampire, is traditionally published. I chose to submit it to traditional publishing houses because I had a gut feeling this story could make it into the traditional publishing process and as a result, I received 4 worldwide publishing contracts.

Q3. What genre do you write and why did you choose this?

I write Romance, predominantly contemporary and paranormal. I've always loved Romance, especially when it has a happy ending. Being a fan of rom-coms, fantasy and paranormal genre, it felt easy to write stories surrounding this genre.

Q4. Do you belong to a writers group-and if so, why?

I don't belong to a writers group, but I do communicate with writers on Facebook groups. I jump between independent authors to support my first book, romance readers to get insight of what readers enjoy from romance novels and various author support networks to get insight on what other authors are writing.

Q5.What are you currently working on and when do you intend it to be published?

I am currently working on two manuscripts, the first being a contemporary romance which is in the editing stages. The second is the sequel to Prophecy of a Vampire. I intend to publish my first work in progress mid this year (fingers crossed!). The second work in progress is likely to be mid 2024.

You can purchase Tania's books here

Keys to my Heart

Prophecy of a Vampire

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