Work from home and lifestyle choices

I will often say as we are chatting to new friends we have made whilst travelling, that I need to get some work done.

The 'What kind of work do you do?' question is then answered, I write.

People seem surprised that although I am travelling with a retired husband that I' still work so my standard joke to them, is that "someone has to keep him in the luxury he's become accustomed to!' Hubby Rob, retired early, I don't intend to retire for some time. My grandfather worked until he was eight seven, lived an active life and enjoyed every moment, I intend to be the same.

So what it is about working that attracts me?

Well, for one, I am not ready! Even though I am just over sixty, I feel I still have a lot to contribute. After all, that research and learned knowledge has to be passed onto someone other than my kids and grand kids doesn't it?

It's also about lifestyle choices. I choose to continue to work for other reasons.

1. It keeps me busy whilst my husband is towing our van and helps prevent boredom of long drives. Writing can be done anywhere.

2. It gives us an added income which, though not enormous, does support a better lifestyle than if I wasn't working.

3. We live in the most beautiful part of Australia on the South Coast of NSW and my home office overlooks an amazing harbour. I walk to our local beach to swim when I feel like it and can still catch up with friends when they ask.

My work fits around my life, not the other way around. I negotiate work from home for whatever contract I am working on and well, I am happy.

In this age of the internet, there is little reason why many people can't negotiate work from home days for at least some of their work, unless you are in a role where your whole job means you have to complete manual labour work. In that case, I'd be changing jobs!

This is the view from our home. So what are you doing these days? Where do you work and have you also been able to fit it around what you want?