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The outback scenes-kangaroos

We have been travelling in our van now for about six years. Much of the work from Seven Signs was as a result of this travel. It has taken us to amazing sites and locations and though I was reluctant, found that the colours of the outback were some of the most amazing I had seen.

The poem Eve wrote about the kangaroos was one that I wrote as we travelled outback NSW. Almost every metre was a dead kangaroo and often their poor joey who had been slaughtered by the side of the roadside next to their mum. Sadly it is just one of the conditions of wildlife in the outback. They are often locked out of pastures by the farmers who build fences to keep them away from grasses meant for cattle.

Whilst viewing these scenes, I became vegan for a while to minimise my own meat consumption, though I realised it's often a battle between supporting our farmers and managing numbers of wild kangaroos.

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