Aligning your values

It seems that within our business world we are bombarded with people who want to link with us. Whether it be through the various platforms available or networking events, there is an unwritten bond between those we decide to align ourselves with. But be warned, all is not always as it seems.

It is important we do our homework on who they are before we just click the link that says " yes, we are happy to link with you".

Be careful whom you align yourself with. If they don't match your own high values, then don't and if you need to end the relationship, even if it hurts your own work in the short term, in the long run, people judge you for these values.

People know who you are and they respect you for what you believe in and what you do. Hold your head high. Your reputation will not be tarnished you when you know you have truly supported clients in an honest and ethical manner.

Lessons are learned on a continual basis throughout our lives and we accept it as part of the journey, however, we need to learn from these when it comes to aligning our own values and ethics with others.

Oh, and if you are on the receiving end, then be sure to accept this and not badmouth the other person. It is what it is. Learn and move on.

Cathy is semi-retired but likes to help others learn from her own experiences. She says that "Life Happens" and has also written many poems on this theme. Cathy is about to launch her first fiction novel in 2018 about the journeys of life and bullying in the workplace.