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Assist you to pass audit through:

  • Supporting you with documentation you don't have.

  • Supplying all documents necessary.

  • Completing a pre-check against each of the Standards.

  • Create all your documents at a competetive rate.

  • Support your strategic direction to ensure you are successful.

  • Validate your assessments.

  • Create a simple website for you ...and its content to ensure compliance of marketing materials

  • Create your marketing materials and ensure they are compliant.

OR - Provide you with our Audit Compliance Review Process

Audit -help through compliance  


Help for you  - before, during and after audit




Our Compliance Membership packacge includes:


  • An easy to use spreadsheet checklist for each standard.

  • Quality management calendar.

  • Policies and Procedures (Customisable Generic - aligned to the 'Standards for RTOs 2015')

  • Quality processes and validation reporting tools.

  • Annual review of your documents to ensure compliance for your audit.

  • Guaranteed support as you need it.

  • Audit attendance where required (negotiated depending upon location).