Its about balance-be happy

I am lucky enough to have a role these days where I can work wherever I am. It means I can travel and just hook into the internet when I need to work.

However it wasn't always like this.

I was in a job where I worked long hours and travelled more than three hours each way to get to my work. Then, when I came home, I often hooked in to read my emails so I could stay on top of them each day.

The GFC hit in 2008 and I was retrenched. I lost my dignity, my job, friends and well, it was hard. But it taught me a valuable lesson. That life isn't always about how much you can earn, but rather about what you do.

I found that most recruitment companies thought it would be too hard to find another executive role at this stage of life and so I reinvented myself. I found what I was good at, as well as what I enjoyed. Writing.

It was a totally new career move. I took a few extra classes and along the way made a lot of mistakes but these days I have learned its about balance.

It also helped me with the theme for Seven Signs, my new book.

This was the theme of a poem I entered for International Women's Day this year.

Finding that I was asked to read it at the Wollongong Art Gallery is a very exciting moment and though I couldn't be there, I am happy that it was chosen, because I feel it has a message for many. - And that is that life is about balance - be happy

I sit, I listen, I breathe,

I watch with ease.

Water flowing

Breath blowing,

Leaves falling

Birds gliding.

Time stands still,


Work begins.

Typing, studying,stressing,


I'm back

Where I belong.

I sit,

In the quiet

Of darkness,

And realise

It's about balance.

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