Seven signs


From the moment I started reading Seven Signs I couldn't put it down. For a first novel its truly amazing. Be ready to be taken along with the main character, Eve, on a roller coaster journey from city to outback Australia. Its a ride of personal growth, full of ups and downs embellished by sharp observations of people, places and times. Key elements of the plot are brought to a satisfying conclusion as Eve gathers strength to conquer the demons that have plagued her throughout her life. This book carries an empowering message about bullying and abuse and I hope their is a sequel from this talented new storyteller.

Seven signs tackles concepts of bullying and harassment with a mysterious twist and bits of romance thrown in-a book about self love and forgiveness.

Many will relate to Eve.

Created 2020 (c) C. Wagner Writer

Please contact the author via the site if you have any issues All Rights reserved 

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