Cate Beresford

Where will Cate's next book take you? 

Sequel to Seven Signs - The Project 

Out soon!

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When life becomes too hard, the local kids know where to find a home.
In a world of misfits, the youths of Bass Point find family and a sense of belonging.

Roy has been kicked out and doesn't know where to go. At fourteen, he finds a group he fits in well with, until one day there is someone who helps him to find who he really is.

'A beautiful story of life after a difficult youth'

'A story of inspiration and courage.'

'You wont be able to put this book down'


The Project

- out soon

Cate Beresford

Cate's new book - The Project is the sequel to her highly successful first book Seven Signs.

There's more twists, more romance, more mystery.

Does Eve get what she has longed for?

What happens in this sequel will have readers wanting the trilogy.

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Seven Signs

Eve goes through some tough times before a journey to find herself.

Life leads you to paths you never knew.

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Bass Point Boys

When life gets tough, the local kids know where to go

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