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Mystery - coming soon

Crime Scene Investigator

Mystery-coming soon

Blood on the vine

Available 2023

Down in the bottom paddock of the Jasper Valley winery, lies a body. Hidden in the old vat that once held exquisite wine, the killer remains a mystery. Yet this isn’t the only dark secret this place reveals as Constable Patrick and an ex-journo try to discover what really happened.


At thirty eight, Eve thinks life’s hurdles are behind her. Marriage, a baby and a new project. Life is looking up until an old nemesis returns.

Challenged by a business partner, they try to keep their boutique winery afloat, until Eve suffers her own personal loss, and both discover dark secrets as past lives return to test their love.

Mystery, murder and romance snake their way through this novel as much as the driveway of the Jasper Valley mansion it is based in.


Just as the main characters finally find peace, a new chapter opens its way to what readers would hope will make the trilogy to this sequel.

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