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About Cate

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Growing up in a rural area Cate penned her first story called The Lonely Tricycle, as a child.

After a move to  the South coast of NSW,  she began to write more, publishing her first book of poetry in 2011, then a second in 2019.

Her poems have been recognised both in Australia, where she was asked to read her poem at Wollongong Art Gallery and in an anthology of poems written during the horrific Bush Fire Season of 2019. Cate as also asked to read a poem which won international acclaim on the steps of the White House in Washington, DC. 

An emerging writer, Cate published her first Romance Fiction "Seven Signs", was in 2018, followed by Bass Point Boys (Young Adult) in 2019,  which as rewritten as Roy in 2022. She is hoping to publish her first Crime mystery in 2023.

Cate says it is life experiences and passions that make you a writer and speaks at Women's Events on Women Supporting Women, where modern themes like workplace bullying are at the forefront.

Cate can often be seen walking her dog or at her local Writer’s group. 


Her belief is that words, though not ideal for the writer’s critic - should be written - as life is - without perfection. 

Cate's other loves are travelling with her husband, painting with watercolour, and playing violin. 

You can contact Cate by email at

if you'd like her to speak at your next event.

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About Cate

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